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Table Mountain Observatory Telescopes



Astro Mechanics 0.6m Boller and Chivens 1.0m

0.6m TelescopeAstro Mechanics 0.6m, f/16 or 36 (coude focus) Ritchey-Chretien reflector on a German off-axis equatorial mount. Installed in 1966.

(focal length 9500mm)

1.0mBoller and Chivens 1.0m, f/15 German off-axis
equatorial mount. On loan from the Lowell
 Observatory, it was Installed at Table Mountian
in 2013.
(focal length 15,240mm)

TM12Located in Building TM-12. The telescope operating system is called TCP (Telescope Control Program) and was developed at TMO specifically for the 0.6m.

TM 27Located in Building TM-27. The telescope operating system is called MOVE and is a DOS
based telescope control system developed at the Lowell Observatory.

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