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The staff of Table Mountain Observatory is committed to provide a highly supportive and user-friendly environment for observers. The staff provides telescope and camera training for observers, safety training for the TMF site and for the LN2 cameras, and help with any other requirements the observer(s) may have. An on-call staff member is available throughout the night when observers are on either or both of the telescopes.


Paul Weisman:
Paul Weissman is the Astronomy Science Lead for Table Mountain Observatory. Dr. Weissman is a Senior Research Scientist at JPL, where he has worked the past 38 years. His specialty is theoretical and observational studies of comets and asteroids. He is an Interdisciplinary Scientist on ESA's Rosetta Mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko."  Paul Weisman


Heath Rhoades:

Heath Rhoades is the Astronomy Team Leader and specializes in software and technology development for Table Mountain Observatory. Mr. Rhoades conducts asteroid and comet astrometry and collaborates with planetary scientists in acquiring data for Potentially Hazardous Asteroid shape modeling and pole solutions.

Bill Smythe: