Preliminary Shape/Pole Model of Near-Earth Asteroid
1996 HW1.

Michael Hicks¹, Heath Rhoades¹, James Somers²

¹Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ²Moorpark College

Seventeen partial nights of R-band photometry on the near-Earth asteroid 1996 HW1 were collected at the TMO 0.6-m telescope between July 04 2008 and January 08 2009. The data was used to generate a unique and robust 3-dimensional shape/pole/surface light scattering model by utilizing the optimum lightcurve inversion techniques described by Mikko Kaasalainen (University of Helsinki; 2002). In the animation below the rotation is about the z-axis and the light source is to the left of the image in both panels. The sidereal rotation period of 1996 HW1 is relatively long (8.76 hr). Long-slit spectroscopy obtained at the Palomar 5-m Hale telescope (Michael Hicks & Kenneth Lawrence, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; 2009) indicates that the object is an S-type asteroid, similar in composition to the majority of asteroids that dominate the inner main asteroid belt.

X/Z Plane

X/Y Plane

The Models Above Are 3D Representations of Asteroid 1996 HW1