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Research Programs at Table Mountain Observatory
Programs at TMO include:
  • High precision astrometric observations in support of NASA and international spacecraft mission navigation.
  • The LCROSS impact on the Moon.
  • Confirmation and recovery of Near-Earth Objects (comets and asteroids) that pose a potential impact hazard to the Earth.
  • Physical characterization of spacecraft mission targets (planets, satellites, comets, and asteroids)
  • Physical characterization of Near-Earth Objects and support for Goldstone radar studies of NEOs.
  • Observations of unique events such as the Deep Impact encounter with Comet Tempel 1, and stellar occultations by planets, satellites, and asteroids.
  • Survey of orbital debris at geosynchronous altitude for AFRL.
  • All-sky camera to record very bright meteors (bolides) for Sandia
    National Laboratories.
  • Volatile transport on Pluto and Triton.
  • Astronomical research into studies of the solar system and beyond.
  • New technology testing for hardware developed at JPL.

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